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Warranty Policy

RetroGamer.ae Warranty & Return Policy

All products and items are usually tested, cleaned and sanitized with 99% Isopropyl before shipping, we will ensure you receive a quality product. All products carry a 90 day limited warranty.

Some products will be shipped with user manuals and instructions. Damage caused by failure to follow these instructions will void your warranty. Any repairs or shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

Any product purchased on RetroGamer.ae that is not working is eligible for exchange within 7 days after the delivery date. Exchanges must be the same value of the returned item. RetroGamer.ae does not accept any returns or cancelations. If you have issues with an item, we will send a replacement immediately free of charge.

If a cash on delivery order is canceled by customer or customer refuses to receive the order after it leaves our facilities, said customer will be permanently banned from future purchases from RetroGamer.ae. Our orders take a very long time to prepare, clean, and test to ensure quality. Any canceled order causes major losses, and we take cancelations very seriously. Orders placed via Credit Card are final and cannot be canceled.

If you face any problems with an item that is not working please contact us for assistance via call or WhatsApp +971 56 241 0116
We offer repair services to RetroGamer.ae customers only, in case there are issues in the future after the 90 day warranty expires.